Le Nuvole

di Colleprimo

The Vineyard

Le Nuvole is a Sangiovese Cru coming entirely from the homonymous vineyard planted more than 65 years ago at 300 meters height, south-west orientation, a few kilometers from Arezzo, in the Casentino valley. It has a total area of only 0.7 hectares and about 3000 strains managed with the Guyot breeding method.

The Soil

The soil is a clay loam and particularly rich in Galestro and Alberese. A perfect combination among geo-pedological factors that, through a deep exploration of these old vineyard roots, express uniquely in the bunches, allowing the Nuvole vineyard to produce an elegant, fine wine, with a distinctive character even in lesser vintages.


The vineyard management follows the rules of sustainable, non-invasive agriculture according to biological principles, and manual work. The spontaneous and integral grassing is entirely managed thanks to the grazing activity of the substantial presence of ornamental geese and ducks, which have allowed us to avoid also fertilizing practices, shallow tillage of the soil, and most of all, the use of pesticides and/or chemical herbicides.


Grapes are handpicked in crates, with the selection of the best clusters right on the vineyard. The winemaking takes place after the manual destemming of the grape bunches a process that requires very much time and great effort, but which results in the selection of only the finest grape berries. These, after a very soft pressing, are transferred to steel vats where the fermentation begins, generally lasting for seven-ten days, which is then followed by the maceration for an additional ten days.


After the racking, wines are transferred to tonneaux, where the spontaneous malolactic fermentation occurs. The best batches selected for Le Nuvole wine refine separately in barrels of different capacities, grains, and toasting, for the first 12 months. Afterward, they are assembled to continue their maturation process for 12 to 18 more months, for a total of 24 to 30 months of refinement in wood.


It is a wine whose unmistakable style revolves around a game of verticality, refinement, and vibrations. The olfactory profile is penetrating but subtle, almost ethereal in its intense and delicate notes. On a palate, it is refined, tense, and robust, supported by a decisive, tasty, tannic texture, which accompanies a finish of great sapidity by making it a wine elegantly austere.

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