Viticulture in Tuscany

The Vineyards

The vineyard Le Nuvole is located in Tuscany, just a few kilometers from Arezzo, in the direction of the Casentino district. At 300 meters high, on the sea level, it consists entirely of Sangiovese plants of unknown clones, with more than 65 years of age behind them. We currently manage it in an integrated way, by researching vintage after vintage the best synergy among principles of conventional, biological, and biodynamic management. Every aspect of the winemaking, thanks to its only 0.7 hectares, can be carefully taken into account in an artisanal and respectful way by using only scissors, gardening equipment, and hard work.

The importance of the soil

The Soil

The terrain of “Le Nuvole” vineyard is extremely peculiar and makes this hill unique indeed. Its texture has balanced proportions of sand, silt, clay, and is particularly rich in stony components of Galestro and Alberese. These elements give rise to a perfect union among various geo-pedological factors that, through a deep exploration of the roots of this ancient vineyard, end up expressing themselves uniquely in its bunches.

The Vineyard as an Ecosystem

Geese and Ducks

We consider and manage "Le Nuvole" vineyard as an authentic, true microcosm, a kind of ecosystem to support, in its own right. That is also why, since 2016, we have decided to tillage our lands deeply and only sporadically, keeping a constant grassing on the surface even to limit the corrosive action of the rains and increase the already existing biodiversity. That leads to the idea of introducing a hundred ornamental geese and ducks into our small ecosystem. These specimens, beyond being a wonderful sight for the eyes, simply grazing, help us manage the grass naturally, making mechanical or even worse chemical interventions unnecessary. Moreover, their constant and natural fertilization has allowed us to stop such external interventions as well.

The Future

A New Bet

The results achieved with “Le Nuvole” vineyard, from where everything took place, has given us the enthusiasm to look for a context that had characteristics as singular as different from where we started and, after finding it, we decided to plant another small vineyard. Today Podere CollePrimo has its roots also in the heart of Montepulciano. The soil here is very heavy, slopes are steep, and the daily irradiation can be almost extreme in some summer days. We do not know yet what this new vineyard reserves us and whether it lives up to our expectations, but we decided to bet on it too. Our vineyards will be managed and interpreted with the same productive philosophy as ever, which sets us apart and in which we will never stop believing.