A historic Tuscan residence

The Cellar

CollePrimo winery is located in a historic villa of 1200, called Villa I Bossi, just a few minutes from the historical center of Arezzo into two rooms once used as a winery and rearranged to host all stages of our winemaking processes. It is in this environment particularly suitable for the purpose that we craft our grapes artisanally and meticulously and our wines refine for many months, surrounded by ornaments and tinsels that exude history and ancient charm. In this truly suggestive milieu, the thick stone walls ensure constant humidity and optimal temperature throughout the years.

Tailormade operations

The winemaking

In the winery, we apply the same philosophy as in the vineyard. We do very few, non-invasive interventions aimed at preserving and maximizing everything the soil gives us. That is the reason why we handpick the clusters which, once in the winery, begin their vinification, with the de-stemming process also carried out manually, so to choose only the perfect grapes among the best batches, selected for Le Nuvole wine. After being softly crushed, the grapes ferment into steel and wooden vats where every day, we perform targeted pumping over and/or punching downs, according to the batches and characteristics of the grape skins provided by the vintage. After the maceration phase, whose aim is to extract the noblest components, the wines are transferred to different types of wood for spontaneous malolactic fermentation, at the end of which they can finally begin their long rest. Barrels, Barriques, and Tonneaux of different grains, origins, and seasonings, cradle our wines for a time ranging from a minimum of 12, up to a maximum of 30 months, for the most complex batches.